I would like to say a big thank you for coming to our home to discuss our wills. We found you extremely professional and patient. I certainly would not have any hesitation in recommending your excellent Will Writing service to all our family and friends.


Mr & Mrs Cherryman

For a long time now, my wife and I have said we must get a will done, (a few years in fact). But there never seems to be a good time!

I had a chat with Jason and arranged a meeting.

Jason called at the appointed time and explained in simple terms of what the Will would entail. We had so many questions and thought our personal situation could be very complicated.

During Jason's consultation , he explained everything extremely well, putting all our concerns at rest, we were very surprised how easy, with no complication this was. After all, death not something we like to talk about.

If you or someone you know hasn't yet done their Will yet, pass on Jason's details, as I would certainly recommend Jason to anyone I hear who would be in need of a Professional Will.

Thank You Jason.

Mr Taylor

Thanks to Jason Coleman Associates for helping me get my Will sorted out at last. It's odd to have left this vitally important matter for so long (work, children and procrastination get in the way of making boring appointments with Solicitors and making a Will can seem very non-essential until you wake up in the small hours!) but finally at the age of 51 I have got something written and signed, and filed away for safekeeping - and off my mental list!!!

Jason is a very friendly guy and I had no worries at all about him coming to my house. After a discussion about what I wanted done, and a couple of calls about amendments I wanted, he came back to me a few days later with the Will ready to sign, and I was very pleased at the result at a price which was a lot less than a Solicitor would have charged (especially for a home visit which would have been a lot extra). I heartily recommend this service to anyone who can't get out easily, say if they're housebound, or who simply finds it more convenient to see someone about this without interrupting their working day.

Jill Edwards